Bitcoin & Kratom: How-To Guide

How To Buy Bitcoin And Use It To Pay For Kratom

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In an over-regulated and anti-inclusive US banking system, kratom vendors are being denied access to merchant services based on entirely discredited, false, and slanderous allegations.  One way to reclaim a small bit of our personal freedoms is to utilize Bitcoin for these transactions.

Bitcoin is 100% legal, both federally and under the jurisdictions of every US state.  For those concerned with the ethics side of Bitcoin – remember that aggregate Bitcoin ownership is largely institutional and Bitcoin futures and individual currencies are traded on real, licensed exchanges across the world.

The following is a small guide on how to acquire Bitcoin and use it to purchase kratom through our website.

  • Signup for a free cryptocurrency brokerage account.  By far, the most popular Bitcoin broker is Coinbase.  They are completely licensed in the United States and follow KYC/AML regulations, so you will need to verify identification.
  • Login to your Coinbase account and click on Buy/Sell

      Buying Bitcoin to Buy Kratom

  • Choose Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency, then use drop-down menu to select your preferred payment method


  • Enter the amount of Bitcoin you would like to purchase.  The section on the right will advise you on any fees.
  • Open our website in another tab or window, then proceed through your usual ordering process all the way to the checkout area.
  • Choose the payment option button near the bottom of the page.
  • On the CoinPayments screen, select Bitcoin, verify your information on the right, and click Complete Checkout
  • The final screen provides you with our Bitcoin wallet address, along with a QR code image that can be captured through the Coinbase app.  For instance, if you have Coinbase installed on your phone, you can use it to simply snap a picture of the QR code to fill-in all applicable information automatically.  If you are using, simply copy our wallet address to your clipboard before moving on.
  • In Coinbase, located right by the Buy/Sell button, click on Accounts
  •  Locate your BTC wallet, titled My Wallet by default, and click send
  •  Paste-in our BTC wallet address from before along with the transaction amount, and click Continue.
  •  After verifying your intention, you are finished.  Our CoinPayments checkout screen will automatically refresh and update once the payment is finalized.  Cryptocurrency transactions require confirmations, which may take 20 minutes or so depending on network congestion.

These steps become second nature after a few transactions.  Please email us if you run into any issues that we can help with.