After the Break

After the Break

My apologies to anyone who has tried to order green or white Maeng Da over the past few days.  Apparently, and this may have been something I personally did without realizing, these items were marked as “out of stock,” with backordering turned off.  I can’t explain why this would have been, but we have never been backordered or out of either of these two strains.

If you ever run into any issues that you believe are a bit odd, please email us and we will manually override whatever is troubling you.  CMS is a new world to me and I am not particularly talented with web development today.

We are running a bit low on Premium Malay kratom, and this presents a tough decision for us due to how this particular supplier operates.  Going with someone else just presents too many unknowns and we like to deliver consistent quality with zero guesswork. We will do our best to restock that strain before our current supply is exhausted!

It’s already been a busy week and it’s only Tuesday!

Talk to you again soon,


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