Kratom Cleanroom Safety

Kratom Cleanroom Safety & Best Practices are Important for the Highest Quality, Premium Kratom!

So next week we should be receiving two new work tables (finally)!  We ordered two of these tables from a vendor called WebstaurantStore.  This is the first time I have dealt with them, but the procurement process was easy and prices very competitive.  Hopefully everything comes with all of the hardware, though, because this seems to be a problem with some brands these days as cutting corners in the name of company/shareholder profits seems to be all too common now.

The big thing with these units is that they are NSF certified, like all of our equipment, which means that they meet the organization’s standards for public health protection.  Another special thing about these tables is they are 304 stainless steel, which is 18% chromium and 8% nickel.  This makes these tables inherently resistant to corrosion and heat, says Scientific American.

Furthermore, they are 14-gauge stainless steel rather than the lighter-duty 16-gauge common with most consumer tables.  We try to use mostly commercial-grade gear because it really is more durable and needs less frequent maintenance and replacement.

Things like this are really important when you advertise your kratom as premium quality.  Sure, we do not offer some of the extras and “frills” sometimes seen with other vendors and iteratively implement cost reduction projects in many areas, but quality assurance and control is not one of them.  We wanted to be a low cost leader from the beginning, and keeping costs to a minimum allows us to offer lower prices than our peers.

That being said, I genuinely believe that reducing costs on QA and QC in the short-term actually ends up decreasing revenue in the long.  Customers lose trust and stop spreading the word about your products when they start to see quality being neglected, especially if you are known as a leader in this area.

The last thing we want is for people to believe we no longer care about their satisfaction.  Word of mouth is powerful.  I have enjoyed building friendships with many of our customers and there are several that we still keep in touch on matters not related to kratom.  When you treat people how you want to be treated, everybody wins.

It’s time for me to get rolling this morning as we have some orders to fill – see you guys later!


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