Green Borneo Capsules

Green Borneo Capsules


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Green Borneo Capsules


Our Green Borneo capsules are made from size “00” gelatin capsules and each contain 500 mg of kratom.  Only pristine, mature leaves with green midribs are harvested for our kratom, at which point they undergo an indoor drying process for 3-5 days.  After this, the product goes through a secondary curing process in a climate controlled, shaded environment to reach desired concentration, color, and aroma.

These capsules have an average time of effect of approximately four hours.  Look to Borneo strains for increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and help in clearing your mental fog.  This strain is also commonly used for its ability to ease anxiety, and it tends to stack well with caffeine.  With the green variety, one will usually tend to notice increased motivation along with a general sense of well-being and mental clarity. This strain is not as sedating as red vein kratom, so it stacks nicely with Red Bali or Red Maeng Da

All of our capsules are produced onsite under strict cGMP-compliant standards.  Industry best practices are followed at all times and we take pride in delivering quality.  As always, orders are shipped fast and free.