Green Malay Capsules

Green Malay Capsules


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This is a really good green strain- it produces a calm focus- love it

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Green Malay Capsules

Green Malay kratom, also known as Super Green, is arguably the most euphoric of all kratom strains due to its unique alkaloid profile.  Helping to boost the mood and invigorate the mind, the kratom inside or green Malay capsules is made up of cells with thick walls, helping it last a bit longer than other strains.  Some report effects for up to eight hours.

This particular type of kratom tree has become common across several different regions, and ours is harvested right in JongKong where it is dried, sorted, isolated, and pulverized using professional standards.  From there, it makes its way to our cGMP compliant facility at which point it is sent for laboratory analysis.  Only the finest products are ultimately accepted into inventory.

Green Malay has noticeable stimulating properties, but it will not constrict blood vessels nor contribute to blood pressure issues.  In fact, some of the alkaloids present in the strain have demonstrated anti-hypertensive effects.  When assessing tolerance, it is advisable to wait one full hour before deciding to increase amounts, as green Malay Capsules take a bit longer than others to begin working.