Red Bali Capsules

Red Bali Capsules


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I Purchased these from you a couple weeks ago for a lower price with looking to get a few more packs

Red Bali. ROCKS! Super fast delivery, great communication, excellent pricing! Ryan is simply the BEST! If you want quick quality products look no further! Socriatic Solutions delivers quality Kratom & does it right!!!

Your services and correspondence is unparalleled.

Red has reduced the back pain and calmed the nerves. Better then taking prescriptions and no side effects

They’ve helped tremendously. After 15 plus years my husband and I are opioid free.

Prompt easy. Excellent customer service

I use this on a weekly basis for anxiety control and never fails. Quality seems constant and the shipping is pretty fast.

I really find this strain to be very relaxing.

Fast shipping and by far the best quality red bali kratom I’ve ever had!

This is a very strong strain, really relaxes the mind an body- I really recommend this strain!

Excellent customer service and support the price and product is absolutely the BEST!!!

I always buy this strain it is very strong, relaxing and a wise Choice to buy !

Love this company! Very good pricing! And shipping! Great customer service

You’re awesome, Brent. Thanks for being such a great and highly-valued customer. Your continued support is much appreciated!

Another great experience with Socratic Solutions! Love these people!!

seems to work for me, when I do about 6 at a time. 🙂

Great! Always satisfied with the level of service I get! And shipped to you free? No one on the web does that! But they do! I will always buy from here!

Second time I’ve ordered good quality I’m happy with it puts me in a good mood

Very strong strain, so relaxing- fast shipping!

Excellent red strain.

Very relaxing after a long day- highly recommend

I ordered from here not knowing what to expect because I used a different company prior but they had taken away some of their payment options. Socratic Solutions delivered in a timely fashion, at a reasonable price, and free shipping. I will definitely be a repeating customer

I am loving socratic solutions red bali! Its the strongest red bali ive tried and their prices are amazing! They are very affordable! If you are wanting to be pain free or for whatever you use kratom for this company is for y’all! I am definitely a lifetime customer

I always order the strain it’s the best! For relaxing!

Ordered 4 different items, all were excellent quality, and fast delivery, so glad I found a quality place to buy from.

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The Best Red Bali Kratom Around

Possibly the most well known kratom strain and especially high in the alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine, mitragynine, mitraphylline, and speciogynine, red Bali capsules promote analgesia and relaxation while creating a distinct mood boost.  Red Bali is also very high in the alkaloid 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, which has been shown to have an agonist effect on mu-opioid receptors, so many consider this the go-to strain for alternative pain relief.  As with all reds, this will tend to be more sedating than stimulating.

Red Bali’s popularity was given a distinct boost after the Netflix release of the film A Leaf of Faith.  Since the release of the documentary, red Bali has become our most popular strain, hands down, and we are proud to have a solid supply chain in place to ensure a steady inventory.  Best practices are implemented at all points including harvesting systems, material assortment, leaf drying, pulverization, final product preservation, and quality control.  All processes are carried out by experienced industry professionals guided by impeccable hygienic standards.

Red Bali is nicely combined with white Maeng Da to yield relief with a bit of stimulation. We have gotten an unbelievable number of positive testimonials about this specific product and are proud to offer red Bali capsules at premium quality.