White Borneo Powder

White Borneo Powder


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This is stimulating -seems to last longer than usual- energizes

Excellent product!! Fast shipping!! Easy check out!! Who could ask for more?

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White Borneo Powder

As its name implies, white borneo powder comes from the island of Borneo in Indonesia, from where we import it into the United States and begin the process of bringing it to you.  Only pristine, mature leaves with white midribs are harvested, at which point they undergo an indoor drying process for 3-5 days. After this, the kratom goes through a secondary curing process in a climate controlled, shaded environment to reach desired concentration, color, and aroma.

Look to Borneo strains for increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and help in clearing your mental fog.  As would be expected from white vein strains, white Borneo powder is the “fastest” of the powdered Borneo varieties and is great for work or study.  Users often report enhanced cognitive function as well.  Borneo strains have a unique aroma that may be more appealing than that of some other strains.