Yellow Bentuangie Powder

Yellow Bentuangie Powder



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Yellow Bentuangie Powder

We are finally proud to offer Yellow Bentuangie powder after almost a year of searching.  This kratom strain is somewhat rare among western vendors. Bentuangie varieties actually all start as red vein and then go through a fermentation process. The result is a strain that is especially euphoric and stimulating.  Feelings of enhanced focus and contentment can be felt along with a boost in productivity.

This is considered a “high-energy” strain.  Users often report that analgesic effects are felt towards the end of the experience rather than throughout.  Duration of stimulating and euphoric effects is said to be approximately four hours.  Yellow Bentuangie powder is one of the strains that is rarely associated with nausea, but it is still important to start slowly with amounts to assess tolerance. This strain has an especially pleasing aroma that stands out from others.